A soggy old man …

A bit of a stressful day today, spent mainly in medical waiting rooms.

Tonight, a rather wet run. It was raining fairly steadily when I got home so I am fairly happy that I actually got out and ran, but felt like I really needed it. It felt much better than last nights run, it was only my 6km loop, completed at 5:14 min/km pace, but pretty consistent pace all the way round and no tummy pains like last night.

Upon arriving home I rung the front door bell and was greeted by my son saying, “No, sorry we don’t want any soggy old men today thanks”!

Mixed feelings over the news item in todays Age newspaper about cyclists being fined $250 for riding in some of Melbourne’s parks. Of course, if they are riding in areas that are clearly signed as not allowing cyclists, they probably are deserving of the fines. If they are speeding through areas frequented by pedestrians, families etc. then they are definitely deserving of the fines. But I can’t help feeling that there are possibly other people who are more deserving of being fined. Like the dickheads I saw today in a number of places zooming down the emergency stopping lane, or zooming down the empty parking spots and bicycle lane to avoid the traffic jam. Or, people who run their dogs off-leash and out of control along shared tracks frequented by cyclists. Or the hoons that get around our suburb at ridiculous speed, making so much noise and generally being a danger to all around them!


3 Responses to “A soggy old man …”

  1. canute1 Says:

    Well done with the soggy 6K. Maybe 4:45 /km was a bit too fast to maintain for the full 8K last night. When I am haven’t done tempo runs for a while, I usually begin with a few runs that start at an easliy mangeable pace (eg 5:30) and then gradually build up to a good tempo (eg around estimated 10K pace) in the second half

  2. jojo Says:

    hehe- i can well imagine your face when you got called a soggy old man! i agree it is harsh, but there are times when cyclists are menaces, particularly on paths. Mind you, the nice thoughtful ones such as yourself, wouldnt get fined becauuse you would be doing the right thing anyway 🙂

  3. Em Says:

    Cheeky sod!

    I think the bike fine thing was nothing more than revenue raising.

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