5k at MM

The highlight this weekend, evidenced by yesterdays rather short post, was obviously last nights huge win by Geelong. Here’s hoping that last years Grand Final loss to Hawthorn spurs them to greatness again next weekend!

Exercise wise, a 6km run yesterday (5:19 min/km) and a 27km ride with my mate Herb this morning was it.

I have just entered the 5km event at the Melbourne Marathon, the half and (possibly) the full marathon PBs are going to have to wait until 2010 (hopefully).


6 Responses to “5k at MM”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    I am in favour of long term goals when it comes to running right now! Hope your Cats go well (and then maybe the revellers will head back to Geelong instead of making my town look messy!)

  2. JH Says:

    I’m tipping the saints, sorry.

  3. jojo Says:

    oooh good luck in the 5km,good choice i reckon

  4. Andrew Says:

    Good man! Here’s to 2010!

  5. sassycil Says:

    possibly too drunk (with excitement) to post!

  6. Chris Says:

    5km – that’s not necessarily easier than a half or full marathon!!!

    Best of luck with it – keep the blog up-to-date with how your knee holds up.

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