Tears of joy …

Geelong 12.8 (80) defeated St Kilda 9.14 (68)

Geelong 2009

2009 GF BOG ChappyI have to admit to a few tears of joy at the end of todays AFL Grand Final as Geelong outlasted a gallant St Kilda side to win their second premiership in three years.

Steeled by last years terrible loss to Hawthorn the Geelong side hung on in what was a tough, hard game played in rain and hail for much of the game.

Behind at quarter time, half time and three-quarter time, the Cats held the Saints to only two goals for the second half, a mighty effort against a side that only lost two games for the whole 2009 season.

Highlights for me were;

  • The magnificent game Harry Taylor had on Nick Riewoldt, restricting him to one goal, and that great saving mark he took a minute or so from the end.
  • Tom Hawkins smothering a Zac Dawson kick and then gathering the ball and kicking a “goal” (in commas because it clearly hit the post, but was still awarded a goal). I’m so glad we won by more than five points or it could have been the most contraversial win ever!
  • The three goal, best on ground performance of my favourite player, Geelong hard man Paul Chapman. He really, truly is “the man”.
  • The fact that, as usual with this Geelong team, it was a true team performance.
  • We bloody well won!

This one seems to have so much more meaning than the 2007 win, even though that was our first for so long. I think because we won the 2007 final so easily, and because this was a win against the competitions dominant side for the year.

The Geelong theme song goes “We are Geelong, the greatest team of all” – I think now, this Geelong team can truly say they are one of the greatest teams of all time, with three grand finals, and two wins in the last three years. I’m hoping there are more to come though.


6 Responses to “Tears of joy …”

  1. blues buffett Says:

    Congratulations Andrew. It only took you 2 hours to post – I guess you’ve been watching the after-game! Eight flags, now equal seventh with Fiztroy (so should pass them sometime). A solid win in an exciting match, marred by wet and slippery conditions. 2002 was similar, and I think Collingwood were close then because of that. For the first time in 29 years, I supported both teams: St Kilda because I barracked for them as a kid, and their “worst team ever” record; Geelong because of last year when they should have won. I was a little sad the Saints lost, but take nothing away from the Cats.
    They can now claim to be one of the best sides of the modern era – but not yet of all time. They are up there with: Hawthorn (flags 76,78,83,86,88,89,91 RU 84,85,87) and Brisbane (flags 01,02,03 RU 04).
    Best all-time teams? Hard to go past Collingwood’s 1927-1930 four premierships, and Melbourne’s 5/6 Premierships from 1955 to 1960 (should have won 1958; lost it in a boilover to Collingwood).
    Enjoy the deserved celebrations but try to run tomorrow!
    Next year will be interesting. My early 2010 tip: St Kilda with a burning desire and finals experience will get closer this time next year.
    cheers, Ray

  2. Bill Wallace Says:

    Andrew, you must be a happy man. Were you at the game? (couldn’t tell from the post) All I can say is (evil side appears) 43 more years Sainters!!!
    And, Harry Taylor, the REAL Norm Smith Medallist. Great game on Riewoldt. Chappy was good, Taylor was better! 🙂

  3. Lee Says:

    Anyone watching our household would have thought we were diehard Geelong supporters, not Carlton ones!

    Absolutely fantastic game, bask in the celebrations 🙂

  4. Em Says:

    Aghhhhh, I am sick of that song though!

    Not having any strong feelings for either team I just enjoyed a damn good football game, we haven’t seen a nail biter final like that for a while!

    I was a bit gutted for the Saints though.

  5. jojo Says:

    i must admit i wanted saints to win, but it was a deserved win by geelong. I also am glad it wasnt a runaway victory to either side

  6. James Demetrie Says:

    Great article Andrew, well written and really heartfelt.. I was at the game and am an extremely keen Cats supporter (that’s one way to put it).. It was a brilliant and most exciting game and thankfully, our brilliant backline kicked into over drive. The best team did win and they stepped up when it mattered.

    Please feel free to enjoy some photos I took today at the GFC Supporters Day at Kardinia Park..

    Mark Thompson & Billy Brownless - Geelong Post Grand Final Supporters Day - P1170467

    There’s also some photos from the GF in my Australian Rules Football collection.

    I have bookmarked your blog and will return with interest.

    GO CATS!!! The Dynasty has begun!!!


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