Another day of laziness …

Another day today of not doing too much at all. Still not feeling 100%, but I must admit to thinking to myself today “am I not running/riding because I’m feeling a bit low, or feeling a bit low because I’m not running/riding?”. I guess if I’m asking that, I’m close to being okay. I think it was the shitty cold, windy weather today that was the ultimate decider. So, that’s four days of no exercise, the first time thats happened with me for a while.

Responses to some of yesterdays comments:

BB, I know where you’re coming from, but I still will argue that this particular playing group at Geelong, essentially the same for the last three Grand Finals would stand up well against any side, of any era. It’s not only the Grand Finals/Premierships, but also the 65 wins from 75 games over 3 years – I think that is a record hard to beat.

Bill, I wasn’t at the game. We had planned to be at a family celebration in Geelong but had to pull out of that because we were sick, so just watched the game at home. I agree Harry Taylor would have been a worthy winner too! Strangely he only polled 3 Norm Smith votes to the 9 polled by Chapman and Jason Gram of St Kilda.

One more Grand Final highlight:

Watching the TV coverage of the evening celebrations last night and seeing Bomber Thompson and the players all hugging and carrying on with Half-Cat (the Geelong mascot), then the mascots head is pulled off to reveal that Half-Cat is actually Matthew Stokes. It must have been heart-breaking for Stokesy not to be playing, but great to see him joining in the pre and post-match activities so enthusiastically.


2 Responses to “Another day of laziness …”

  1. blues buffett Says:

    Yep, I understand the “streak” argument and don’t doubt that this current squad is up there. Interestingly, the record for consecutive wins (23) is held by the Geelong side of 1951/1952 premiers fame (R12 1952 to R13 1953) although in 1953 they were minor premiers but failed to make it three in a row..
    Again interestingly, other than the winning (?) long-defunct University with 52, St Kilda are the runners up for worst losing streak – 48 from 1897 to 1899.
    And I can’t let you go without mentioning the mighty Blues: among other things they (and Collingwood) hold the record for ground attendance: 121,696 in the famous 1970 GF (second highest attendance is Carlton vs Richmond 1969 GF, but let’s not talk about that game…).

  2. Andrew Says:

    Sounds like you are recovering. I’m guessing the fact that your team won helped!

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