Cadel Evans – World Champion

World champ Cadel Evans

If it wasn’t great enough that Geelong wins a premiership, Cadel Evans goes and wins a world championship! Evans won the 262km road race in Switzerland, to become the first Australian to win this event. It will be great to see Evans wearing the famous rainbow jersey that denotes the world champion as he contest other events.

Also interesting to note that he will be the reigning world champion when the next world championships are contested in Geelong next year. Good job Cadel!

My day was supposed to start with a run this morning with Deb. I still wasn’t feeling 100% when I woke up, but was determined to go. Then a couple of minutes before I was due to get out of bed, my phone beeped and yep, it was a message from Deb saying she wasn’t feeling good and had decided not to run. So, I was relieved and got an extra 45 minutes or so in bed.

I did manage to squeeze in an hour home workout tonight, including some intervals on the exercise bike.


3 Responses to “Cadel Evans – World Champion”

  1. Andrew Says:

    An extra 45 minutes in bed sounds pretty good.

  2. jojo Says:

    gotta love it when you dont want to do it but decide to for thsake of buddy ad then get rewarded with perfect kharma and they cancel…woohoo

  3. Em Says:

    Yeah, go Cadel, bet he felt some redemption after that race!

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