Ultra Gatorskins

I managed to get out of the office for a half an hour or so today to buy a couple of new tyres. I bought the same as the last two sets, the Continental Ultra Gatorskins. I did buy two, but I think I’ll just change the damaged rear one and try and get a few more kilometres out of the old one on the front.

Ultra Gatorskin

A 6km run tonight, average speed of 4:58 min/km, a trifle faster than recent runs for me, felt good and sweaty, but felt it in the calves and shins afterwards.

A day off tomorrow – yeah!

2 Responses to “Ultra Gatorskins”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I wish I’d had tires like those when I was a kid. We were forever getting punctures and whatnot.

    And I too have a day off – yeah!

  2. jojo Says:

    woohoo..unless im racing i dont do 6kms that pace! well done

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