Pissed …

No, not drunk, angry pissed. As I type this I’m also waiting for my ISPs technical support line to answer my call (been listening to inane music and their promise that they’ll assist me as soon as possible for nearly 50 minutes already). Their email servers haven’t been working since yesterday morning, this on top of another fairly recent outage that went on for days too. I’ve followed all their advice on their website to no avail. Not good enough, and I feel the need to tell someone so. Oh, it’s Hotkey by the way, so you know to avoid them.

Sara seemed disappointed that I didn’t mention Geelong the other day, so here goes. Went shopping today and bought the Grand Final DVD and a Premiers t-shirt! When we got home we watched the last quarter again, and with the DVD you can select alternate commentary, so I chose the K-Rock boys. K-Rock is the Geelong radio station, and I love their commentary because they are so one-eyed Geelong. Boy did they get excited when Chappy kicked his last goal!

I fitted my new rear tyre and headed out for a ride late in the afternoon, but it wasn’t a long ride because it was freezing cold, windy and started to rain, so only 14km. I did a half hour home workout when I got home to make up for the short ride.


4 Responses to “Pissed …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    Thanks, I was starting to think you were losing the love for your Geelong boys! Hope you get your computer problems solved quickly- nothing makes me angrier than hold music, by the time I get to speak to someone I am usually livid!

  2. Em Says:

    Ughh, hold music, hope you don’t bank with the company I work for, we are changing the hold music soon and I fancy it sounds like the music you’ll hear in the elevator on the way up to heaven.

  3. jojo Says:

    grrr i had a run in with call centres today!

  4. Andrew Says:

    Time to switch to Gmail…

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