A day trip to Tassie … and goals

Well, the last two days have been very busy, but also a great relief. I met my new boss for the first time on Thursday (he is based in Beijing, China). This is always a stressful experience, but the good news is he seems like a great bloke, and is someone I think I can respect and work well with. Yesterday we spent the day in the Melbourne office, meeting my team and many of the management team, and went out for dinner. Then today we did the same thing in Burnie. The Rex flights to and from Burnie were pretty smooth (for which I’m always grateful), and I was pleasantly surprised when the hire car I got was an almost brand new Falcon XR6. So, a tiring two days, with no exercise, for which I will have to make up over the weekend.

On her comment on my last post Sara asked what my next goals were, and coincidentally I have been giving that some thought. Immediate goal is to find myself another 5km race to try and get myself that new 5km PB that was so cruelly, and terribly, ripped away from me by those inept Melbourne Marathon organisers (who by the way haven’t responded to my last email – surprise, surprise). The most likely candidate at the moment seems to be a Sri Chinmoy event on the Geelong foreshore in early November.

For 2010 the ultimate goal is another marathon, hopefully sub 4-hour. In an perfect world, that would be preceded by 2-3 half marathons, (ideally one of which would be sub 1:43), and strong runs at Run4TheKids and Puffing Billy (ideally getting there before that train).


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