A couple of nights in Lorne

Friday was our 27th wedding anniversary and we headed down to Lorne for a couple of nights to celebrate. We stayed at the Great Ocean Road cottages which are nestled into the hill just as you get into Lorne. We had stayed there a few times when the kids were little, so it was nice to have another visit and reminisce.

One of the “features” of the place is the native bird life that come in to the cottages and are tame enough to feed from your hand. There are beautiful king parrots and raindow lorikeets, but mainly cockatoos who are real bullies. I managed to escape with only minor punctures and abrasions when a cockatoo decided to land on my (stupidly) bare arm. To be honest though, when there were lots of them (up to 10 or 15 at a time sometimes) it got a little bit too much like Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” – a film that has always scared me.

Handfeeding parrots


We ate out nearly every meal, including a nice lunch at the Arab cafe on Friday, a beautiful meal at Kostas on Friday night and fish and chips last night. We had breakfast both mornings at Kafe Kaos where I had scrumptious porridge with banana and brown sugar. We did a fair bit of walking, but no other exercise. Needless to say the walking wasn’t enough to counter all the eating out, and I’ve come back over 2kg heavier than when I left.

Teddys Lookout

I bought a book in the Lorne Bookshop (which really is one of my favourite bookshops – it is one of those where you always find stuff that you don’t see other places) and read it over the two days away. It was “Running Hot” by Lisa Tamati, a New Zealand ultra-runner who has done heaps of desert runs including completing the Badwater (Death Valley) ultra twice. Seriously why would you want to run over 200kms in 50 degress celcius temperatures with the road surface getting close to 90 degrees celcius and having to run on the white line just so your shoes don’t melt ? If you can check out Lisa’s website you’ll see that her latest venture is to run the length of New Zealand in 33 days beginning at the end of this month (that’s approximately 2200kms or equivalent to 52 marathons). Andrew or Aaron – are you going too ?

A 27km windy old ride tonight – at least I had a tailwind on the way home.


6 Responses to “A couple of nights in Lorne”

  1. blues buffett Says:

    Congrats on reaching 27 years of marriage! Sounds like a good celebration too!
    Were you married as 16 year olds or something?
    I’ve managed 20 years but 9 don’t count as they were with ex-Mrs BB.

  2. blues buffett Says:

    Yeah I know, I read your blog earlier! I was just being nice!
    Hope the Great Ocean Road was great. Trust there are still 12 Apostles.

    Have you considered doing the Great Ocean Walk 100k?

    This gent did well:

  3. Em Says:

    Yikes, the cockatoos look like they are plotting your untimely demise, evil buggers!

  4. jojo Says:

    who would want to run 200kms in any weather!

  5. Eat Em Says:

    Hey jojo … wash your mouth out … some mad nutter might want to do that šŸ™‚

    Lorne is a great place – glad you both enjoyed the weekend ……

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