Melbourne Marathon 5km – the final word

I rang IMG again today and actually managed to speak to someone, a very friendly lass who confirmed that the 5km course was not officially re-measured with a Garmin device as was done for the 10km course. I asked if the 4.5km measurement was still their “official distance” for the 5km race and she confirmed that it was. When I asked what this was based on she told me it was based on the measurement by the course director, measured with a bike computer.

When I re-iterated that I felt they were still 0.5km out, she said that they had “many conflicting estimates” and again expressed how disappointed they were that it had happened. I saw no point in pursuing it any further, it was obviously not this person’s fault, and as I said previously I need to get over it and move on. So, this is the last time I will mention it!

I got my laptop back today, after a motherboard replacement.

A good hard ride tonight after tea, 28.25km @ 28.6 km/hr.


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