Horse race? What horse race?

I can’t say I’m a big follower of the horse racing, but am always happy to have Melbourne Cup day off (for those reading from overseas, I think we in Melbourne are probably one of the few cities in the world to have a public holiday for a horse race!).

Started the day off with another bike ride with Herb, rode down the Maribyrnong trail into Docklands for a coffee then back up the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail – about 26km all up. There were a few nicely frocked up young fillies (of the two legged variety) walking around Docklands! I must say that I really can’t understand how they can last a whole day at the races wearing those high heels though – gonna be some sore feet by days end I think.

Then later Adrienne and I went into Williamstown with Herb and Kerry for lunch (a very nice pizza for me with a glass of pinot noir) and a nice walk along the waterfont. Walking back to the car we came upon a young couple who had found a “gentleman” passed out in the car park and were calling an ambulance. The young lady who was on the phone to the ambulance was trying to relay questions and asked him if he had a history of heart problems, his response was “No ambulance, the only f$%*’ing history I’ve got is not paying my ambulance membership”. It was about now we sort of worked out that he was just alcohol over-indulged, had been left in the car and had tried to get out and had fallen over. Anyway, the ambulance was cancelled and hopefully he sobered up okay!

Just finished a home workout, again to my new Quo DVD, which is brilliant!


3 Responses to “Horse race? What horse race?”

  1. sassycil Says:

    I think the trick to wearing heels is to get drunk – first, so you don’t fear falling over, and second, so that you get numb and don’t feel pain.
    No worries Re: TW donations. Are you doing Movember? I will sponsor you!

  2. Aaron Says:

    The melbourne cup for New Zealand always means an office sweepstake. Its been like that for a long time. This year it was $2 each winner takes all. Not me though unfortunately.

  3. jojo Says:

    hows this, i accidentally put money on the dictators horse who came third(didnt mean to) won 56 dollars then lost teh ticket-DEFINITELY kharma!!!!! lo

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