A hot day painting

Painted for most of the day, from about 9am until about 3pm. Exhausting work and I have tired legs and sore feet from being perched up a ladder all day. To make it worse, the end result isn’t looking that impressive, I’m not a particularly good painter and am hoping that the second coat will look much better.

Then Adrienne and I headed out to the local shopping centre for a coffee and upon returning I went for a bike ride. It was about 25km down the Moonee Ponds Trail to Strathmore and back, at just over 26 km/hr. Warm, but pleasant, out on the bike.

About to go barbeque a nice piece of rump steak … of course gotta have a beer while barbequeing!

Not looking forward to having to work for five days in a row this week.

Edit: Two beers with the bbq, first one was one of my mate Herb’s home brew dark ales (very nice), the second was a Grand Ridge Supershine (11% alcohol) – feeling pleasantly sozzled, which might just get finished off with a glass of the shiraz I opened last night while watching Bones. I think I might sleep well tonight.

Edit: After a few drinks, and all the good TV shows have finished, what better to do than watch the last quarter of the Grand Final again. Chappy …. Chappy …. Chappy!


3 Responses to “A hot day painting”

  1. Em Says:

    I hate painting, for that reason my hall way has been two different colours for the last 5 years, I got bored halfway through 😆

  2. jojo Says:

    lol.i dont drink beer, but understand the need to have a beer with a bbq. I just tried a beer that stu bought…John Smith-english beer-was actually quite nice, you should try it.Only Dan Murphy seems to sell it

  3. morseyruns Says:

    Painting is something I will happily pay someone to do, but always have a crack myself first then spend the next four years with little mistakes “itching my eye”.

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