Weekend catch-up

A bit of a weekend catch-up post today as I’ve been a bit slack on the blog the last few days.

A normal day at work, with the highlight definitely being going to the pub afterwards for a few “end-of-week” celebratory drinks. Then home to be chief barbeque cook for Kate who had a group of friends over for a small party. I managed to squeeze in a short home workout, which was the only exercise for the day.

I was 73kg on the knocker at weekly weigh-in this morning, continuing the downward trend of the last few weeks (74.6, 74.3, 74.0, 73.8 & 73.0). Then off to the market for the usual Saturday morning stock-up. Back at home it was back up the ladder for another few hours of sanding, scraping and cleaning the next stretch of eaves for painting.

I fitted a new front tyre on my bike because I noticed a fairly large piece of glass in it. When I removed it there was a significant hole in the tyre. I’d bought two new tyres about 7 weeks ago and fitted the rear one then, but decided to get a few more kilometres out of the front. It had done over 4200km now so I thought it was time to fit the new front one too.

Then a very pleasant barbeque with friends Kerry and Herb. Some marinated chicken and lamb fillets, as well as my favourite BBQ fare, mushrooms. Herb brought round more of his home brew, I think I had four stubbies, then hit the red wine. By the end of the evening I was feeling pleasantly lubricated.

This morning was the inaugural social ride of the Hume BUG. It really wasn’t the morning for it, but I sought of felt like I should go, besides I wanted to see how many other riders were intrepid enough to get out in the wet. There were eight of us, if  you include the three young kids that came with one couple. It was dreadful weather, and a very slow ride with lots of “stops to wait for some to catch up”, and whilst good to be out with a new group of people, probably not a good idea. So, a very slow 20km, getting absolutely drenched and very cold, a few detours around flooded bits. Adrienne told me I was stupid, but I told her I preferred “intrepid” – you can form your own opinion.

After lunch we headed out to start our Christmas shopping at Highpoint. Jeez, that place is hell on earth this close to Christmas. We got a few of the things we were looking for, but it wasn’t a particularly successful shopping trip. What is it with “Keep to the Left”. To me, it is a remarkably simple concept, that in my opinion is equally applicable on the roads, footpaths, bike paths and shopping centre walkways, but it is obviously too complex for about three-quarters of the population to understand?

On the way home we stopped off at Poyntons for a coffee and muffin – it just seemed so much more appealing than the food court at Highpoint.

At home I cleaned down and lubed my poor wet, muddy bike – so it is feeling loved again and looking sparkling – but I did notice I’ve got a slightly bent spoke on my back wheel so will have to get that seen to soon.


5 Responses to “Weekend catch-up”

  1. JH Says:

    There’s a fine line between stupid and intrepid. Almost invisible, really, particularly after a few home brews.

  2. jojo Says:

    i was at knifepoint yesterday too! yeah i also dont understand people walking side by side who take up the whole walkway eithr-you dont have to be THAT far apart

  3. AndrewE Says:

    Intrepid gets my vote. Although if you do it again…

  4. sassycil Says:

    yes, highpoint is a bit sucky and finding a park brings out my aggressive tendencies.

  5. Sara Says:

    +1 Intrepid

    I agree and would love to hand out tickets for failing to keep left on the footpath- and I HATE giving out tickets.

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