Too old, too slow …

At weigh-in this morning, the downward trend is continuing with a result of 72.2kg – the first time I’ve been in the 72s since May 2008.

As Adrienne was going out today we weren’t going to the market as usual so I’d organised to meet some work colleagues for their triathlon training session. Not expecting the weather to be good we fully expected it to just be a run/swim, but had agreed to take our bikes too. Just goes to show you should never listen to the weather forecast, as after the overnight rain it was a stunning morning.

After a couple of late withdrawals it just ended up being Deb, Voj and myself who met at MSAC at 7am. As it was such a beautiful morning we decided to go for a longer ride down Beach Rd and not worry about the swim. We went down to Mordialloc and back, a total of about 54km, with an average speed of 28.7km. As usual, the trip back was harder, into the wind, and I struggled to keep up with the other two. Voj was quite happy with that, he reckoned it was the first time he’d “beaten the old man”.

To be honest, I find the pack riding down Beach Road a little bit stressful. I guess it is because I don’t do it often enough, but riding so close to so many other riders, at fairly high speeds, and the constant need to push to keep up with the pack tires me out quickly.

After the ride, Deb and I ran a lap of Albert Park Lake, the first time I’ve ever run around there. On a morning as lovely as today was, it was delightful. I did struggle with a bit of calf tightness, but a few stretch/walk breaks and it loosened up enough to run it out. 5.2km at 5:40 min/km (including the walk breaks).

After getting home, it was a shower then a quick trip to Bunnings. I also called in to First Choice Liquor to restock on red, I did alright, getting 9 bottles including a few decent ones for under $80.

Then it was painting for the afternoon (just for a change). It got a bit windy, which makes being up a ladder a bit more fun, but I got done the bit I wanted to finish today.

I think we’re having take-away for tea tonight (probably Noodle Hut), then it’s going to be the couch and TV for me I think.

Good luck to everyone running the Great Australian Run tomorrow – hope the weather is like it was this morning for you.


4 Responses to “Too old, too slow …”

  1. jojo Says:

    ooo you skinny minnie you

  2. AndrewE Says:

    Aah, all that exercise seems to be helping!

    I’ve never ridden a bike in a pack before myself. More of an off road rider to be honest.

  3. morseyruns Says:

    I love the pack rides because I get to meet people! How did your legs feel after cycling then running? We don’t have a good noodle place around here so I am v jealous about noodle hut.

  4. Em Says:

    I find it stressful just looking at them! Running down the beach trail you hear this almighty noise of gears and the woosh of wind coming up behind you!

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