Stressful and fruitless …

Whilst you would always like your days to be stress-less and fruitful, I’m afraid my last couple of days at work have been quite the reverse, and this has contributed to my lack of enthusiasm for posting here, hence the post-less couple of days.

Exercise wise, Thursday was just a short home workout, didn’t have much energy to do much else. That said though, that ended my exercise journal week with the most calories I’ve ever burnt in a week since I started the journal mid-way through 2005.

By the end of the workday Friday I was dying to get down to our Friday night drinkies at the local pub but got delayed a little with a work issue, but managed to get down there in time for a few beers before having to head off for a haircut appointment. I always feel better when I’ve had my haircut, don’t know why I leave it so long each time. After dinner I was still feeling a bit stressed, so headed out for a run, that is my most effective stress buster. Just an 8km local loop at about 5:20 min/km.

I think the stress at work is started to tell a little. I have some psoriasis breakouts which are really annoying (itchy) and the doc reckons they are often stress related.

This morning, obviously impacted by the big week of exercise, the weekly weigh-in saw a continuation of the downward trend of the last 6 weeks with another 500g loss, down into the 71s at 71.7kg. That’s nearly 3kg down in 6 weeks. Do I want to be 70kg again? Last time I got down to 70kg, people told me I was drawn and looked too thin, so I’m not sure. I guess Christmas will fix it 🙂

Vic Market, shopping for a new shirt and tie for a wedding next weekend and then more painting filled up Saturday. I’m going to go and do a short home workout now, and hopefully will get up early for a ride in the morning.


One Response to “Stressful and fruitless …”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    I’ve had one of those years!

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