A reasonable work day … and some 2010 goals

First day back at work today after three days off, and it wasn’t a bad day. Got a few things done, tidied up a few loose ends, and decided to take a few more days off next week to help manage a few things around here.

Kate is doing okay, but Dad not so well. I went down to Geelong to see him and mum yesterday. I took mum to a hair appointment, walked Daisy (their dog) while she was having her hair done, then dropped her round to some friends and went in to see Dad. He was raving quite a bit and not making a whole lot of sense. Talked at me for an hour and a half with not too much sensisble content at all. The psych he has seen is convinced it is clinical (ie brought on by some underlying medical condition) and therefore treatable, but still very distressing to see your Dad like that. My brother has been down to see him today and says he is improved somewhat.

I managed to get out tonight for a good hard ride, just over 30 km at just under 29 km/hr, average heart rate of 133bpm. It felt good after no exercise yesterday. There is no doubt in my mind that exercise removes your stress and makes you feel better!

I’ve posted the first draft of my 2010 goals. Based very much around this years structure, with similar exercise goals (bar raised a bit), weight management etc. I’ve added a goal to increase my hydration levels, added another to re-attempt the 100 Pushups program and another about “visible abs” (is that even possible at my age?). The “m” word does appear again, but I’m thinking it could be a real bold goal, I’m really not sure the knee is going to be up to the long runs required in the training program – but it doesn’t hurt to try. Take a look and I’d love your feedback!


5 Responses to “A reasonable work day … and some 2010 goals”

  1. Aaron Says:

    That’s some goal list. Looks good – got to keep raising the bar…

    I need to start thinking about my goals too.

    Good stuff aiming for another marathon!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    It’s good that your dad is getting better and that its treatable.

    I got the new Runner’s World today and started thinking about the M word too.

    And visible abs at your age — just look at Iggy Pop!

  3. Em Says:

    You are a very good son, you’re good to your folks.

    The Ab thing is all about body fat, worry about having a strong core first, personally I am not prepared to give up yummy food and wine in pursuit of muscle definition.

    Hey, I saw a guy on a bike the other day with a Pink Floyd jersey, you have to get your self one of those!

  4. jojo Says:

    okay maybe youre not going to like this-but it comes from a good place!

    as someone who never really had knee issues, when i did the mara, my knees would hurt quite regularly.(which i was not used to and didnt overly like)-and hasnt reducing kms helped yours?

    should you do it- if you really want to..but i will pose the question

    ..would you rather be able to run a mara and have multiple months off, and possible continuing injuries or would you rather manage your running so you can do it for a LONG time.

    i think all your cross training has been really good for you

    just my two cents worth, and i DONT claim to be an expert.its your D and i wish you well obviously with whatever way you go

  5. canute1 Says:

    One way of satisfying the inner sprite that hankers after a marathon is to plan a half marathon for next year as a potential foundation for a full marathon in following year. The half marathon can be a really satisfying event: long enough that doing it justice requires planning and solid preparation, but not so long that it wears you down. If you do it well, you might find you simply want to run a faster half marathon the next year, but if the marathon sprite is still hankering, you will then be well placed to plan a full marathon campaign.

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