Wedding bells …

A busy day yesterday as it was Naomi and Felice’s wedding day. Naomi is Adrienne’s niece, and she was also our flower girl on our wedding day 27 years ago, so it was a special day for us. It was a perfect day, everything went faultlessly for them both at the church and the reception. The reception was at Leonda in Hawthorn. I’d never been there before, but it is a beautiful venue right by the Yarra. Gorgeous five course meal, each course very tasty and well presented. Of course lots to drink too, but I was good and didn’t drink too much wine as I was driving home – I did drink too much soft drink though!

There was a long break between church and reception, so we came home to check on Kate and I even managed to sneak in a run, just my 6km loop at 5:28 min/km.

At weigh-in yesterday morning I was down again, but only 100g, at 71.6kg. I think the wedding feast yesterday might be enough to see me up next week though!

Today a sleep-in as we didn’t get home until after 1am, then a trip down to Geelong to see Dad. Happily he was much improved, but still no idea of what the problem is.

No exercise today.


2 Responses to “Wedding bells …”

  1. jojo Says:

    thats a great effort to fit in a run between wedding and recoption!!!!!!!!

  2. sassycil Says:

    Re your dad – delirium…..could be anything causing it. Often hard to sort out.

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