Happy Birthday Chris!

Today is Chris’s 23rd birthday, and a day to celebrate the fact that your son is grown into a beautiful young man!

Last night we had a family birthday tea for Chris with his girlfriend Carly and her family. It was a good night, the only one who was a little bit unhappy was Jackie because Carly brought her new Border Collie puppy Lily. Lily is a beautiful little thing who just wanted to play, but I think Jackie felt her territory was being threatened and wasn’t best pleased! I did overeat a bit I have to admit as there were two desserts as well as pattie cakes and a chocolate birthday cake!

Back at work today, welcomed by over 300 emails, still quite a few unread due to a long team lunch (and another one tomorrow as I have two teams reporting to me and in order not to show favouritism I need to go to both lunches don’t I).

Traffic was absolute crap again tonight, 45 minutes to drive the 10km home – tonight though I wasn’t wishing I was on my bike due to the rather inclement weather.

Dad’s taken a slight turn for the worse today, I’m thinking he won’t be home for Christmas 😦

A one hour home workout tonight – really felt like a run, but thought better of it – in my current slightly run-down state I’d probably end up catching cold if I went running in the rain.


One Response to “Happy Birthday Chris!”

  1. jojo Says:

    cool, well done.sub 5mins in hilly conditions is impressive

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