1,000th post

This is the 1,000th post on this blog! When I started In January 2007, I really wasn’t sure how long it would last, not really knowing if blogging was something I’d find useful, or would enjoy. Obviously though, it has proven to be useful to me in helping me stick to my fitness goals, and is something I have enjoyed! Thanks to all of you who bother to read and comment – obviously, without the two-way communication with you it would not be the same!

Being Saturday, today was weigh-in day, and, as I predicted, the Christmas indulgences put an end to the eight week losing streak. However, the gain was fairly small, 600g to be exact, weighing in at 72.1kg, so I was quite happy with that. This was also the last weigh-in for 2009, so my weight / body fat goal for 2009 was successfully completed!

I had planned to get up for an early bike ride this morning but when I woke up the desire just to doze in bed was too great and I stayed put.

The rest of the day was reasonably busy and productive though;

  • we braved the local shopping centre Boxing Day crowds
  • I did a little bit more painting preparation work on my final stretch of eaves
  • I mowed and edged the front and back lawns
  • we took Jackie for a nice walk down the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail in Strathmore
  • I had a nice 44km ride on the bike just before tea

I hope you all had a wonderful Boxing Day too!


3 Responses to “1,000th post”

  1. blues buffett Says:

    I like how you start with the impression that you did nothing, yet ended up on a 44k ride!

    I reckon braving Boxing Day crowds would have been enough exercise and stress for one day anyway.

    I guess you’d be pleased with the Aussie performance yesterday, except for the run out.

    Also probably pleased with England’s wickets against SA.

    I should be down in Melbourne mid Feb, staying near the Tan. Do you run near there?

  2. jojo Says:

    im glad you write the blog. i enjoy catching up!

  3. morseyruns Says:

    Happy 1000th post! I have loved reading about your running, riding, the family, Jackie and how you cope with work- I am looking forward to the next 1000!

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