I’m a long way off …

… from being able to run strongly again, that is.

I dropped my bike off at the local bike shop today for a service and it’s not going to be ready until tomorrow, so no ride today so I decided I’d test out the calf and go for a run. The first run for a while. I decided to take it easy and run/walk (run 900m, walk 100m) then stretch and repeat. Went okay for the first few kilometres, but in the fourth kilometre I started to feel the calf getting sore and by the end of the fifth kilometre I decided to stop and just walk the last half a kilometre or so home. I’ve iced and put some Voltaren on and it’s just a little bit sore, so hopefully not too much damage, but definitely a long way off being able to run properly still. Tonight’s “effort” was 5km at an average pace of 5:33 min/km (including the walk breaks).

Adrienne and I went down to Geelong today to see our respective parent’s. Dad is still not too good, still in hospital, and mum is struggling a little bit too. We’re feeling pretty helpless about it all, there is so little you can do.


2 Responses to “I’m a long way off …”

  1. AndrewENZ Says:

    Bugger. Have you thought about running slower?

  2. jojo Says:

    bugger about the calf, deep water runnnig does not put any pressure on the calf whatsoever!
    There is little you can do? i would disagree. By being there, that is a LOT. You never will realise how much they appreciate the time that they get to spend with you. You ARE doing a lot.

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