It has been a little busy around here the last few days, so this is a bit of a catch-up post.

Just a pretty normal day at work, followed by an early tea and a couple of hours of painting when I got home, then a 45-minute home workout later on.

We drove down to Geelong early in the morning to attend a family meeting at the hospital regarding Dad’s condition. I’m not overly impressed with the doctor’s, it didn’t seem like they had much of a clue what was going on. However, Dad was discharged Wednesday afternoon and is now back at home. Still no real diagnosis, but his condition is much improved and hopefully will be controlled by the medication he’s on. There is going to be some in-home monitoring for a while which gives you some more confidence.

A barbeque dinner with some friends ended the day nicely. Kate made two desserts (pavlova and chocolate ripple cake), which were both beautiful.

I went for a run before breakfast to test out the calf a bit. I did my 6km loop, but in the same fashion as the previous run to make sure I didn’t overdo it (run 900m, walk 100m, stretch calves – repeat). The calf seemed to survive okay, but I had the definite feeling it would have complained if I’d pushed the distance or speed up a bit. Ended up being 5:31 min/km pace including the walk intervals.

Kate and I had back-to-back physio appointments with Laura mid-morning. She was pleased with Kate’s progress and has upped the ante a bit on her rehab exercise program. For my calf she did some deep tissue massage, but because I wouldn’t relax enough while she was inflicting pain, she decided some dry needling was required. It was the first time I’d had dry needling in the calf, and it was a lot more uncomfortable than in the ITB. Kate was watching and found it most amusing. Laura has also given me some heel lifts to put into my shoes which she thinks might help too. I’m to continue with my diligent stretching and self-massage routine and add three sets of calf raises every day too.

Another couple of hours of painting (which isn’t looking all that good, but I’m trying my best) before tea, and another home workout afterwards.

An Amazon package arrived for me today, always exciting. It was a book titled “Racing Weight: How To Get Lean For Peak Performance” by Matt Fitzgerald, I’ll post a review once I’ve read it.


2 Responses to “Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    That dry needling does not sound like fun. Glad to hear your dad is improving.

  2. jojo Says:

    dry needling hurts more in different places.i can tell you from experience, glutes not too bad, calves-depends how tight but not too bad,but i would avoid dry needling in the back if given the choice!choc ripple cake is my fave!

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