A windy ride

A 32km windy ride, averaging 26 km/hr, tonight after work was very enjoyable.

I’ve decided I need to go in search of some hills. I downloaded the elevation profile of the Great Ocean Otway Classic ride (March) alongside the profiles of Amy’s Ride, Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, Beach Rd, local Greenvale loop and Wildwood loop, and they all pale into insignificance when compared with the Otway ride. The Wildwood loop is the most hills I have around here I think. Maybe I’ll have to ride out there and just do some hill repeats!

A short home workout after dinner concentrated on my knee and calf exercises, some core stuff and general stretching.


2 Responses to “A windy ride”

  1. jojo Says:

    definitely find some hills! ive ridden through the otways!

  2. morseyruns Says:

    Seriously- did you see what you just wrote – need hills? I don’t mind going up them, but I get so scared coming down.

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