Beer, pizza and old friends …

Last night was really good. Caught up with Grant, and Steve (another old high school friend) over many beers and a great pizza at Cafe Automatic, sitting outside on Southbank. Talk was of old times, school and uni hijinks and families and the evening went past really quickly. Herb had thought ahead and taken a picture of his family, but the rest of us had not, and searching the image galleries on our phones we were all in the same boat, no family photos, mainly photos of the dogs!

This morning was another double-header physio appointment for Kate and I with Laura. I had dry needling again, in both the back of my calf and the anterior tibialis (the muscle that runs down the outside front of the calf). It’s been a bit sore all day, but I managed a fairly easy ride on the bike after work, about 22km at about 24km/hr.

Shells and Sara, to answer your questions on the hills session the other night. Yes, it did make me feel better, and the cause is just trying to prepare for the Great Ocean Otway Classic ride in March.


3 Responses to “Beer, pizza and old friends …”

  1. AndrewENZ Says:

    Sounds great. 🙂

  2. jojo Says:

    dry needling is not much fun! glad the catch up was so cool. And yep-my mantra when training for riding, was …every hill does me good!

  3. Em Says:

    My phone mostly contains pictures of trails, pets and my young niece and nephew, I bet when you have grandkids some family stuff will find it’s way back on there 😉

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