Would you have let me in?

When I posted the story last week about the problems I had getting into Singapore because of my passport photo, Chris said it was a good excuse for some before and after photos. Well, here they are. On the left is my current passport photo, and on the right a current “head shot” cut out of one of the photos taken while I was in Singapore.

I guess they do look a bit different. Would you have let me in?

Today we went to the Flemington Craft Market and actually got the two things we went for. Got home about lunchtime and went for a 40km ride on the bike down to Strathmore, then did 3 laps of the hilly 8km circuit that Deb and I normally run, then returned home. Average speed just under 26 km/hr.


12 Responses to “Would you have let me in?”

  1. Louise Says:

    wow… quite different.

  2. AndrewENZ Says:

    I would not have! That’s an incredible difference.

  3. emruns Says:

    Jaysus, no wonder you had trouble, you are unrecognisable!

    You should be very proud of yourself!

  4. katsmumblings Says:

    Nope. You are lucky the Aussies even let you back in – you could have been sent backwards & forwards for months.

  5. chrisfit2009 Says:

    We occasionally need check passports at work when people come in for immigration medicals. I’ve rejected photos that look a lot more similar than that. I think you are very lucky indeed.

    Half the size, glasses and grey hair. Not too mention the strange floral headdress you seem to be wearing – I think it is lucky you didn’t end up on Border Security. “This man says he is an Australian citizen, but he looks nothing like his passprot photo…”

  6. JH Says:

    No, if I were a Singaporean immigration officer you’d be in a locked room with the guys in rubber gloves.

    You don’t even look related.

  7. sassydrcil Says:

    The first one looks like a dodgy furniture/more lucrative things salesman. The second one looks like you.
    So the answer is nope way.

  8. John's Weight Loss Blog Says:

    I don’t think I would have. Nice problem to have, congratulations! That’s one passport renewal fee I would be happy to pay…

  9. shells Says:

    Nope wouldn’t have let you in! Those photos look like two completely different people!

  10. jojo Says:

    lol- you dont look like ‘him” at all!

  11. Susan Says:

    LOL…Not in a million years….its totally different.

  12. kineticspirit Says:

    You’d be straight to Guantanamo.

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