100PU/200SU/200Sq success (of sorts)

I completed Week 4, Day 2 of the 100 Pushups, 200 Situps and 200 Squats programs tonight, and it was a milestone session, of sorts. Firstly it was the first time that I actually did the 100/200/200 of each over the five sets. Secondly in the last max set of the pushups I achieved 40 consecutive pushups, which is 3 better than the best I did when I attempted the program last year. So, progress – but doing the 100/200/200 consecutively still seems a long way off.

Also, a 25km ride around the local streets before tea.

Now, a couple of glasses of ReWine Sangiovese will accompany the “Which One’s Pink” Pink Floyd documentary on ABC2.

100PU/200SU/200Sq Week4-Day2 (144,215,202) – successful


One Response to “100PU/200SU/200Sq success (of sorts)”

  1. Em Says:

    Now I was going to e-mail you about that show, then I forgot, then I was pretty confident that you knew it was on 🙂

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