Losing my running mojo …

I think my running mojo has temporarily deserted me. I’ve only run three times this month, for a total of about 25kms. With the Run For The Kids approaching fast, this is a definite issue. I think the problem stems from a few different sources;

  • I seem to have my knee and calf issues under control, but think that subconsciously I am afraid that I’m going to re-injure myself.
  • The hot weather has impacted my desire to run.
  • I’m enjoying riding the bike, and when there is a decision to be made it appears to win.
  • My running partner, Deb, has pulled out on me a few times the last few weeks.

I guess that I shouldn’t be too concerned, because I am maintaining my weight, and still ahead of my exercise time and calories goal, so it’s not like I’m doing nothing, but, I do love to run, but right at the moment am struggling to find the motivation to get out there.

I was 72.6kg at weekly weigh in this morning, a 400g loss from the 73kg I’ve been the last two weeks.

This morning was spent doing the shopping, at the Victoria Market, Dan Murphys and the local supermarket.

Today was a run day according to the training plan, but ended up heading out for a ride at about 4pm. I headed down the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, with the intent to do about 40km. Managed to break the speed limit going down the Mickleham Rd hill, hitting 72.4 km/hr in the 70 km/hr zone. I also added in the Gaffney St hill after discussing it with a workmate recently. It is steep (about 9% gradient) but not too long, so I managed it okay. The first half of the ride was a breeze, but once I turned around, at the half way mark, it got a lot harder. Turning into the wind, and with the return trip uphill, it got significantly harder. I also under-estimated the amount of water I needed, and with about 15km to go realised I had better start rationing it. There are absolutely no water taps along the trail, which is really no good. I actually ran out of water with about 5km to go and was gasping by the time I got home. I gulped down a bottle so quickly I was told that I was making too much noise! Then it was time to barbeque some lamb chops, which justified a couple of beers – hydration and carbs at the same time!

I’m doing the Melbourne Summer Cycle tomorrow – a 40km ride, including the West Gate Bridge – benefiting Multiple Sclerosis.


5 Responses to “Losing my running mojo …”

  1. Jaykay Says:

    Hope you have a great ride tomorrow.

    I know all about losing your running mojo. I’ve also entered R4K so need to pull my finger out and do some longer runs.

  2. sassycil Says:

    I think the decreased running mojo is contagious. Mine has improved.
    I better go to bed now.

  3. AndrewENZ Says:

    I went through a phase last year where my mojo deserted me somewhat. It took a while but it came back!

  4. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Good luck today.

  5. Louise Says:

    sometimes… just *sometimes*… your body actually knows what it is doing. Don’t stress too much and keep up the cycling. You’ll have enough of a base to pull out 14km when you need to.

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