On ice …

I’ve had a little bit of a niggle in my back the last day or so, nothing too bad, but just enough to catch me every now and then. My knee is still a little sore from yesterday too, so I’ve decided to put the 100 Pushups, 200 Situps & 200 Squats challenges on ice for a little while (hopefully only a few days) until I feel 100% again. No sense in risking an injury.

I did get out for a run this morning with Deb before work. Our usual 8km route at about 5:38 min/km. It was very warm and for the last half of the run we had a very pleasant sprinkling of rain. Delightful! The knee felt sore at the start, but as it warmed up seemed ok.

Kat, in answer to your question on yesterdays post, there was all sorts in yesterdays Melbourne Summer Cycle – road bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, tandems, recumbents, folding bikes and an equally wide assortment of riders, all ages (from young kids upwards), all shapes and sizes and all abilities. You really should consider a ride like this, many of them are aimed at the wider audience. Some of the “harder”, longer rides (like the Great Ocean Otway Classic) have a higher percentage of road bikes, but even in these there is a bit of a mixture, and most have shorter distance options too.


3 Responses to “On ice …”

  1. jojo Says:

    hope the back has eased up matey

  2. Jaykay Says:

    I’ve also found that when I run at the track with Michelle, both knees are a bit stiff and sore for a couple of km’s before they loosen up…..old age kicking in maybe?

    Hope the back clears up quickly for you.

  3. AndrewENZ Says:

    I had to abandon the squats as I was getting knee niggles.

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