A good hard ride and week 4 done!

Exercise tonight was a great, hard effort on the bike after tea, followed by a home workout. The bike ride was 31.7 km at an average speed of 29.5 km/hr, kept my heart rate up to an average of 139 bpm, almost the same as a run for me, so a solid effort on the bike.

The back and knee have been fine today, so I did Week 4 / Day 3 of the three challenges and just managed to complete them. On the 5th set of the pushups I only just made the required 40, the last two were pretty wobbly. The situps were not quite as bad, but again I only did the required amount and then collapsed. For the squats I managed 6 more than the required 54 (probably could have done a few more).

100PU/200SU/200Sq Week4-Day3 (160,245,225) – successful


3 Responses to “A good hard ride and week 4 done!”

  1. AndrewENZ Says:

    Great effort. I think you’ll make it to 100 as it took me ages to be able to do that last set for week 04.

  2. chrisfit2009 Says:

    I just noticed the badge. You did the two hundred?

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