Cheap knicks …

Went over to the local Aldi store this morning to see what the cheap cycling clothes they had advertised in their catalog were like. I ended up buying a pair of bib knicks and a long sleeve top for $24.99 each. I took the bib knicks for a trial run tonight and they are pretty comfortable – definitely good value for money – I guess we need to see how long they last. The ride tonight was just under 30km at just over 25 km/hr.

Chris, no I won’t be doing 200 squats every night, in fact might take a bit of a rest from them!

Sassy, I know I need to increase the distance to be ready for R4TK, but the running mojo has deserted me – maybe this weekend?


5 Responses to “Cheap knicks …”

  1. sassycil Says:

    aldi Rocks.
    I am going to sukitin and go for a longie this weekend. I hope. We can yell at each other if we pike 🙂

  2. Tom Says:

    I couldn’t imagine doing 200 squats. Maybe 20, but then I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day.

    Tom Brokaw

  3. chrisfit2009 Says:

    I did the exact same thing, except I got a pair of gloves, a rain jacket and a compression top as well as bib knicks and long sleeve jersey.

    I read some decent reviews on the ALDI stuff and some less than flattering stuff, but I figured for $25, it’s worth a shot.

  4. Eat Em Says:

    I bit the bullet and got a pair of Assos bib/knicks … not cheap but I can (and have) wear them all day with no problems ….
    My team BMC gear is also good.

    I have had enough of ‘cheap’ bike gear in the past … but glad you grabbed a bargin

    Eat Em

  5. jojo Says:

    the mojo will come back

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