Presentation Day

This morning I went for a ride with friend Peter, from Greenvale down through Airport West & Essendon onto the Maribyrnong trail, down to Footscray Rd and back up the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail. As we rode alongside the Maribyrnong trail we were riding headlong into the runners who’d just started the 4km event in the StartToFinish River Run! All up the ride today was just under 61km.

Today we’d been invited to the Greenvale Basketball Club annual presentation day that was a lunch at the Melrose Reception Centre. I was a “founding father” of the club and was treasurer and president for many years. We were invited to recognise our efforts for the club. Great to see the club still doing well, 39 teams, 23 of which played in grand finals yesterday, and 680 people at a presentation day. Definitely one of the stronger junior clubs from this area. Nice to think you had a hand in starting all that, and also nice to see that there are people who have continued to make the club successful.

Monthly Summary
Running: 45 km at 5:38 min/km (YTD 115 km at 5:36 min/km)
Cycling: 444 km at 24.5 kms/hr (YTD 958 km at 24.8 km/hr)
Other: 11 home workouts (YTD 25)

Another very slim month running wise, dominated again by the bike.


4 Responses to “Presentation Day”

  1. chrisfit2009 Says:

    A challenge for you. 100kms running in March.

  2. AndrewENZ Says:

    It sounds like the club has done really well. It must be rewarding to see something you had a hand in starting flourish.

  3. jojo Says:

    dont stress over the running, still plenty of exercising!

  4. Bill Wallace Says:

    I am always impressed with those individuals who start these things. I tend to join things already up and running and only occasionally stop and think, how did this get here. Well done Andrew.

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