Four failures in one day …

First failure was this morning, when I failed to get out of bed and go for a swim as planned. Gym bag was packed, but when the alarm went off I stayed in bed.

Second failure was sandball game after work. Although we lost two out of the three games we did actually win as far as total points go (15-11, 15-10, 0-15). We think we may just scrape in to the finals on percentage, but not sure yet.

Third failure was the second attempt at Week 5 / Day 2 of the push-ups challenge, where I managed the first seven sets again, but failed to reach the required 45 in the last set, but did manage 5 more than previous attempt (25).

Fourth failure was the second attempt at Week 5 / Day 2 of the sit-ups challenge. I did at least manage the first 7 sets tonight (30, 30, 36, 36, 27, 27, 33) but failed to reach the required 70 in the last set, managing only 30. I guess this is 319 sit-ups, so not a bad effort I guess.

I’ve decided that I need a new tyre. There is a reasonable hole in it, and given that I have the Great Ocean Otway Classic in two weeks, I don’t really want to go into that with a suspect tyre. Disappointing though, as I’ve only got just under 2300km out of this one, rather than the usual 4000.


3 Responses to “Four failures in one day …”

  1. Tom Says:

    As far as my standpoints there are no failures there. Its amazing what you have accomplished. Your goals are always high and I am amazed how much you push yourself. So I wouldn’t call them failures call them, amazingly high goal not reached!

    Tom Brokaw

  2. cilla Says:

    You are waaaaay to hard on yourself.
    We all have ups and downs.

  3. jojo Says:

    yep there were lots of positives in there rather than failures, how about you attempted teh sit up and pushups challenge in one day!

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