Wow … what a lot of rain Melbourne had today. Hard to believe some of the news footage … I’m glad I wasn’t in the city later today.

We went in to the Victoria Market as usual this morning and re-stocked on supplies, including refilling 6 bottles of ReWine red … yum. On the way home we stopped at Essendon Cyclery and I bought myself a new Continental Ultragatorskin tyre.

Upon returning home, the new tyre was fitted and I gave the drive chain a complete clean and lube.

After lunch I was going to start painting (the weather looked perfect), but it quickly changed and the rain came. And boy did it come. We were lucky compared to the damage in some places, for us just lots of rain and an afternoon inside.

A one-hour home workout tonight including some time on the stationary bike.


3 Responses to “Rain”

  1. chrisfit2009 Says:

    Thanks for sending the rain up north and ruining our barbie. Muchly appreciated.

  2. Jaykay Says:

    We also just got the heavy rain, thunder and a bit of lightning. Nothing like what I’ve seen in the photos people have sent to the newspaper and on FB.

    See you next week!

  3. blues buffett Says:

    Wow! How about that weather for a long weekend!

    I guess everyone has an excuse for not running on Saturday. Hope all is okay for you. I feel sorry for those residents at Lysterdale though.

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