Birthday celebrations

We drove down to Geelong today to celebrate my mum’s birthday with a family barbeque. We moved the barbeque in under the carport due to the threatening weather, but it wasn’t too bad while we were down there.

Very heavy again this evening though after we got home, so today is going to be officially declared a day of rest (from exercise). I probably don’t take enough of those, so it won’t hurt me.

As I am going to be going to the concert next Saturday night, I was interested to read on the Status Quo website that, “Status Quo will be recording their completely sold out Melbourne show at the Palais Theatre on March 13th for a new Limited Edition Live Double CD.” However, the bit that intrigued me was that, “The ‘Official Bootleg – Live in Australia’ will be available for collection at the venue immediately after the gig finishes …”. How is a CD recording of the concert going to be available at the venue, immediately afterwards? Please explain.


2 Responses to “Birthday celebrations”

  1. JH Says:

    That’s easy – the “official bootleg” and “Limited Edition Live Double CD” are different things.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Modern technology… they prolly burn it for you while you wait!

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