Ride with Voj

Going back to work after a long weekend is always painful isn’t it. The only positive today was the return of a very-much-loved employee from maternity leave – not only a lovely person, but she is such a hard worker it is great to have her back!

After work Voj and I were going to ride the Wildwood loop, but the weather didn’t look trustworthy enough to venture that far afield. Rather than wimp out entirely we did 20km around the local streets, including introducing Voj to my little hilly circuit – he didn’t enjoy that bit very much!


4 Responses to “Ride with Voj”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    I am with Voj, you can keep your hills to yourself! Glad it didnt rain on you, sounds like the weather has been a little wild lately.

  2. sassycil Says:

    can’t wait to see you on sundee !!!!

  3. Em Says:

    On the other hand it’s cool when you think it’s Tuesday but it’s actually Wednesday 🙂

  4. jojo Says:

    always makes you feel good though when other people find the hills tough, validates your thinking they are tough 🙂

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