Aarrgghh … traffic

What is it with the traffic recently. I only live 10km from my work (Greenvale to Airport West), but today it took me 25 minutes to drive to work, and 35 minutes to drive home – and it is bad nearly every day now (not quite as bad as today, but nearly). The worst thing is, there is no apparent reason for it other than congestion and badly sequenced traffic lights along Mickleham Rd. Gotta get on the bike more I guess.

Just a home workout tonight, including the 6th failure at Week 5 Day 2 of the 100 Pushups program. I’m going to persist, but don’t seem to be getting any better – I guess at least I’m doing 150+ pushups every time, so it’s got to be good for me.

4 Responses to “Aarrgghh … traffic”

  1. sassydrcil Says:

    Traffic sucks. I want a bloody helicopter.

  2. AndrewENZ Says:

    I haven’t done a single pushup since doing the hundred. I keep telling myself I should but sigh…

  3. Jaykay Says:

    I know what you mean about the traffic. I notice it more and more as I try to get out of my street onto Maroondah Highway.

    I’m sure the council will be putting traffic lights in soon….

  4. jojo Says:

    yep traffic hs been horrid

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