Queen Unseen Archives

My knee was stiff and sore when I woke up, but has improved through the day.

We drove up to Ballarat today and went to see the Queen exhibition that is currently on at the Art Gallery (that is Queen the band, not Her Royal Highness, which would not have been anywhere near as interesting). It is a collection of photographs and Queen memorabilia put together by photographer Peter Hince who was head of Queen’s road crew for two decades. I have always been a big Queen fan, and as I am also a big Bad Company fan, unlike many Queen fans who think there is no Queen post-Freddy, I am still a big fan of the post-Freddy “Queen+Paul Rodgers” combination.

Afterwards we went to our favourite little eatery in Ballarat, Eclectic Tastes, for lunch. I had a delicious Malaysian Laksa, which really made me sweat! Then we shared a lovely Hummingbird Muffin with a coffee. We went for a bit of a walk through the main shopping strip after lunch, but Ballarat is really dead on a Sunday and almost nothing was open.

When we got home I went for a ride, a windy 30km around the local streets, at an average speed of about 27 km/hr. I’m happy to say that the knee felt fine while riding, and feels better afterwards than it did before, probably just needed some loosening up.

Sometimes friends do things that make you very proud of them, and pleased for them! Congratulations to Jo for her 2nd place in the 1500, and 1st place in the 400 (PB in both races) yesterday. Jo has been training very hard, and battling a few injury issues, so this is a very deserved and pleasing result. Well done Jo – I’m very proud of you!


2 Responses to “Queen Unseen Archives”

  1. JH Says:

    Oh, I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind seeing some unseen archives of old Betty Windsor.

    I’m addicted to Curry Laksa from the malaysian place near my work. I only allow myself it once a week.

  2. AndrewENZ Says:

    Queen is one of my all time favourites as well.

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