More painting and gardening …

This morning I finished off a bit more painting – now I can add all my downpipes and toilet/bathroom/laundry pipes to the “completed” list – unfortunately, that means I now have to move on to doors and window frames which are more complex and fiddly, this job might get finished this year if I’m lucky!

Then I mowed the lawns and did a little bit of clearing up in the garden. We decided we needed to replace one of our screen trees which had died so we went down to Poynton’s in Essendon, had some lunch there and bought a new tree. We bought a reasonably established one, so it wasn’t cheap, but a small one up against the other three would have looked a bit silly. We removed the old tree and made sure to prepare the soil well, digging a wide area around where the old tree was, and adding some compost from our worm farm.

One of the most relaxing things to do is to play with my little four-legged friend out in the back yard, and when I did that this afternoon I also took a few quick shots with the camera. So, I thought I’d try out the new WordPress “slideshow” feature. If you look carefully you’ll see two of the photos show Jackie’s ball catching skills – she’s quite good at catching a ball if you throw it or bounce it towards her. The thing she’s not so good at is bringing it back – making you chase her around the garden is a much better game according to her!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Great to see the Cats grind out a gutsy win against the Hawks today, seems like they’ve still got that hunger!

I headed out for a ride after the footy finished, but it was nowhere near as long as I wanted due to another puncture in my front tyre. I couldn’t find anything in the tyre, so I was worried there was a foreign body I couldn’t see that might re-puncture a new tube. So, I patched the tube and pumped her up and rode home. So, just a 10.5km ride to finish off the weekend. The tyre still seems to be up now, but let’s see if it stays up overnight. It seems like it’s going to be a rainy week, so the bike may not be getting much use over the next few days anyway.

Tummy is getting better, still feeling a little queasy and being careful what I eat.


3 Responses to “More painting and gardening …”

  1. Em Says:

    I noticed that feature the other day and was wondering…

    Jackie is so very sweet, you’ve got a great looking lawn too, well done!

  2. AndrewENZ Says:

    Cute dog!

  3. Eat Em Says:

    Punctures suck …..

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