Gym assessment …

First job this morning was to head into the gym for my assessment. I’m happy to report that my results were generally excellent, so all this training must be doing something.

My blood pressure was 122/80, resting heart rate 69, body fat 17.1%, waist-to-hip ratio 0.86 and I scored excellently in the push-ups and core strength tests. The fact that the body fat result was exactly the same as that I took on my home scales the day before increases my confidence that my scales are giving a reasonable reading.

There were only two areas where I didn’t get into the Fit or Excellent range. The first was flexibility (sit-reach test), where my result was in the Fair range, but the PT said it was “pretty normal for a male”. The second was the squats test because the PT said I was favouring my left leg and was “quadricep dominant” (ie not recruiting my gluteals) and this is often caused by tight calves and achilles, and I need to stretch more and increase my ankle mobility. Okay, so tell me something I don’t already know. But seriously, at least giving me the exact same diagnosis as I’ve already got from my sports doctor and physio, increased my confidence that she knew what she was doing.

One interesting thing that showed up when she took body measurements was that my left thigh was 3cm bigger than my right thigh. As it is my right knee that has been giving me trouble for a while, it appears that I’ve sub-consiously been favouring my left enough to impact the muscle development.

We developed a gym routine that includes a warm-up on the rowing machine (my request, I like the rower), a few exercises on the Leg Press machine to work on leg strength, some dips and pull-ups to work on some upper body areas that my home routine hasn’t been, some dead lifts and then two new killer core exercises that I struggled with today just after a few reps during the demo. Then finish off with a warm down and lots of stretching.

I had planned a bike ride with Herb after the gym, but the weather was so shitty we decided to postpone to another day.

A shopping trip in the afternoon to buy a new pair of bathers was successful.

I completed a 40-minute home workout while the roast of beef was cooking in the barbeque for dinner.

Underbelly beckons – catch you all later!


7 Responses to “Gym assessment …”

  1. Jen Says:

    Sounds like an excellent trainer. Congrats on the great results.

  2. AndrewENZ Says:

    Those sound like fantastic results. How odd that your left leg is bigger!

  3. JH Says:

    I think I used to do that (favour one leg over the other) until BOTH my knees went bung (independently of one another).

  4. Sara Says:

    Great results! I am left side dominant after my ankle injury- think it just happens naturally. Flexibility is the one area I am excellent at- everything else I am mediocre (if there is such a category). I have been doing clams to recruit my glutes.

  5. sassycil Says:

    I am right leg dominant. I haven’t measured my thighs – will have to get back to you on that one. I dread to think what my body fat percentage is – will have to have a go at somebody’s scales!

  6. jojo Says:

    im going to buy a wobble board. physio said my ankle mobility/strength is very poor

  7. darren Says:

    was it hard because i have my gym assement tonight and im not really looking forward to it?

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