Well done to the SuperSheilas!

A huge congratulations to Jay, Cilla and Shells, my blog buddies who did the Oxfam Trailwalker over the last two days. For those of you not familiar with this event, it is a 100km walk/run that raises money for Oxfam. These girls have been training for quite a while, as well as raising money for the charity. To even consider entering an event of this length is beyond this writer’s comprehension. Well done girls, you are all awesome!

73.3kg at weigh-in this morning, so still well in the target range.

A trip to the Victoria Market started our Saturday as usual. It was a little busier than most Saturdays, probably because we got there a little late. After that we went out again with Kate to Dirt Cheap Books and then on to Airport West shops.

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been thinking about getting an Amazon Kindle, or similar e-book reader. Being such a huge fan of books, and browsing in bookshops, my main negative thought has been would I be contributing to the demise of the printed book industry by going digital? Then today in Dirt Cheap Books, with the huge number of remaindered books on sight, it made me think about how environmentally unsound the printed book industry is. How many trees do we cut down to print books that never get purchased? And, how much carbon footprint is there manufacturing and transporting them? I love my physical books, but really what is the important thing about a book? Surely it is the words, the content, the story – so is going digital such a bad thing?

This afternoon I started on the painting of my window frames (well one of them at least), and boy is it fiddly and slow compared to the eaves, fascias and gutters.

Just a home workout tonight, no cardio – planning a nice bike ride tomorrow morning.


2 Responses to “Well done to the SuperSheilas!”

  1. kathryn Says:

    I was seriously thinking about getting an electronic reader when I moved. It would surely be much lighter than boxes and boxes of books. I think one of the best things about electronic books, like with music, moving away from having physical objects means it’s easier for people to produce stuff without going through a huge corporation.

  2. JH Says:

    At least with books you buy them once, then you can read them over and over again, provided you look after them. With ebooks, you have to keep charging them every day.

    Then when they die (2 weeks after the warranty ends) you have to chuck them out, and they take 2 million years to biodegrade.

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