Heel pain …

Whilst my knee is still sore, it is a lot better today than it was yesterday, but worringly I seem to have developed some soreness in the base of the heel on the same foot (my right). Knowing that this can be an early sign of plantar fasciitis, and knowing how painful and chronic this can become I have decided to take a rest from running for a while. My only “planned” runs have been with Deb on Monday mornings before work, and given that next Monday is the Anzac Day public holiday, if I skip running until then it will give me a two week break. Of course, if the knee and heel pain disappear …

This morning when I woke up there was a traffic report of a burst water main near work causing traffic mayhem, so I decided it might be a good day to ride to work. There were reports of late showers and storms, that may affect the ride home, but I decided to take a punt. It was a beautiful morning to ride to work, and fortunately I managed to get back home tonight before the rain and thunder and lightning.

So, exercise today was just the 13km ride to work and 13km back home. Will try and get up for a swim in the morning.


6 Responses to “Heel pain …”

  1. cilla Says:

    will prolly be lightning in the morning and I would hate to see you electrocuted.

  2. Aaron Hochwimmer Says:

    PF isn’t much fun so that’s sensible.

    NZ don’t have ANZAC day observed on Monday which is a shame. However it’s quite a big deal on the day itself here which is good to see.

  3. AndrewENZ Says:

    A rest from running sounds called for. Our Anzac day is Sunday unfortunately.

  4. kathryn Says:

    A rest can’t hurt.

  5. JH Says:

    Sorry you’re still having injury problems. I’m sure you’ll manage them sensibly.

  6. jojo Says:

    good choice

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