Cadel Evans wins Fleche Wallone

It’s interesting to read a number of my Facebook friends all saying that they are finding it hard to get out and exercise, not being motivated, have lost their mojo or something similar. I’m glad I’m not the only one! For me, the darker evenings, colder and wetter weather, combined with seemingly longer days at work are making it much tougher to get some decent exercise in.

Both yesterday and today have been limited to a 30 minute or so home workout, including only a few minutes of cardio on the exercise bike. Hopefully can find some time over the long weekend, but the weather isn’t looking too promising!

Great to see World Champion Cadel Evans in great form, winning the Fleche-Wallonne one-day classic race in Belgium. Excellent to see him just go past the supposedly unbeatable Alberto Contador up the brutal climb to the finish. Looking good for the Giro and Tour de France!


One Response to “Cadel Evans wins Fleche Wallone”

  1. jojo Says:

    i cant wait to get back to running…. sigh stupid achilles

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