Go Storm!

This household has one very proud and passionate Melbourne Storm member, and the rest of us are certainly Storm supporters too, so we’ve been a little bit shell-shocked with the goings on the last week. Whilst there is no question that what went on was wrong, we’re certainly hoping that it was a limited number of “rats in the ranks” that were involved. I also feel that the punishment was very harsh, certainly a lot harsher than we’ve seen previously with salary cap breaches that have occurred in rugby league or any other football code. I can’t help feeling there is a certain about of Melbourne-bashing involved – I think the Sydney based NRL have been very unhappy (jealous) with the success Storm have had. The harshness of the penalties, and certainly the “no accrual of premiership points for 2010” mechanism, almost seem designed to finish the club off. For an organisation the purports to want a national (isn’t that what the N in NRL stands for?) competition their actions seem incongruous.

As I drove Chris into the game tonight I was very heartened to see so many people in the Storm purple colours approaching the ground. The crowd of 23,906+ is 35% higher than the average for all NRL games in 2010, and the result (a 40-6 smashing of the New Zealand Warriors) seem to indicate that there is a future yet for the Storm. Let’s hope so!

I finished of the painting I started yesterday and managed to get out for a fairly quick (27+ km/hr) 30km ride just before lunch.

I’ve been having sporadic problems with my cycle computer recently, so today I made a decision to ditch it. In it’s place, I’ve put a handlebar mount I bought for a previous Polar HRM watch, and it fits my Garmin 405 perfectly. I’ve configured a display on the Garmin to show me current speed, average speed and distance. I can see it easily, and it’s right next to my hand position so I can change screens if I want without my hand leaving the handlebar – perfect.


6 Responses to “Go Storm!”

  1. Em Says:

    A certain amount!! Total and blatant anti Melbourne attitude from the Sydney administration, what’s the point of making them play out the season for no points?!

  2. katsmumblings Says:

    Hey I think they should only play home games – they get the gate receipts without the expenses of traveling. Playing all year without points is ridiculous. Let them take pay cuts to get under the salary cap and then let them accrue points.

  3. blues buffett Says:

    Sorry my Melbourne friends, this is not Melbourne bashing. I’ve lived in both cities, and I assure you the locals here hate Queenslanders, not Victorians.
    It’s about cheating. “Over the salary cap” means having players who wouldn’t be there otherwise. They can’t get points in 2010 because the squad isn’t changing. It might not be fair to Storm players or supporters, but it sure wouldn’t be fair to the other teams to let the same squad play in 2010. Look, the best ones in the squad are Queenslanders anyway. That’s possibly why they are unpopular. That and the wrestling tackles over the years. You know they aren’t liked when Sydneysiders support Manly in a G/F! We hate Manly!
    At least Brumby isn’t stupid like Kennett was: we all remember in 1999 him saying now Victoria should be in a state of origin game. Doh!
    I hope that the NRL now investigates all clubs to ensure compliance. I agree with the Salary Cap idea as it means rich clubs won’t necessarily dominate.
    I support Carlton passionately and felt hurt and betrayed but accepted the punishment for five years. That’s how it goes.
    Andrew, good luck tomorrow. I’ve tipped the Cats!

  4. AndrewENZ Says:

    As a sometimes Warriors supporter that is just painful!

  5. kathryn Says:

    I don’t really understand it but there are a few Storm fans at work who were very upset this week.

  6. JH Says:

    Sorry to be a dissenting voice here, but I can’t stand Rugby of any variety, and league is the worst. If this does finish off the Melbourne team, great! If it hastens the end of rugby league in all Australia, so much the better.

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