Two old aussie videos …

Just a home workout again tonight as another late finish at work and the weather got in the way of any cardio. That finishes off another week in my training journal, and although I did something every day, and met my 6 hour exercise goal (6:25), I missed my 4000 calorie goal by just under 700 calories. I guess that’s what happens when a lot of it is strength training and less of it cardio.

As I was looking through my vinyl albums last night I found a couple of old Aussie records that were classics in their day. I apologise to the non-Aussies for the second one, it is very clever but all the Aussie references may make it a bit meaningless.


2 Responses to “Two old aussie videos …”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Ha the Australiana one is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  2. blues buffett Says:

    Ah yes, Australiana, number one in 1983. Written by Billy Birmingham, he of 12th Man fame.

    A tribal cult that one!

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