Another month gone …

Another long day at work today, some major changes occurring next week, so I think I’d better relax well over this weekend, next week could be a tough one.

I managed to get out on the bike after work tonight, enjoying a 28km ride around the local streets, average speed 27.6 km/hr. A short home workout tonight was mainly my “required exercises” for my knee/calf and stretching and some foam roller massage.

Monthly Summary

Running: 24 km at 5:39 min/km (YTD 175 km at 5:39 min/km)
Cycling: 334 km at 24.6 kms/hr (YTD 1806 km at 24.9 km/hr)
Swimming: 6 swims – 5.5 hours (YTD 6 swims – 5.5 hours)
17 home workouts (YTD 54)

A very low (intentionally) running month, trying to recover from some knee and calf niggles and a bit of plantar fascia pain. The lowest month so far this year on the bike too, but still about 150km ahead of my 5000km in 2010 goal.

I’m very happy though to have got back to the pool for the first time in eight months – I’ve really enjoyed it and will try and keep it up, it’s just a pity it means getting up so early in the morning. I’m also happy to have maintained the frequency of my home workouts, in fact the most for any month this year.

So far this year I am averaging 31.2 hours of exercise and 20,417 calories per month. About a 12% increase over last years average.

So overall, an okay month and on target!

3 Responses to “Another month gone …”

  1. katsmumblings Says:

    I don’t know how you manage to do an hours exercise every day (I would get so many niggles). And the calories burnt – I only did half that. Great job. I need to lift my game.

  2. jojo Says:

    an hour a day is cool

  3. AndrewENZ Says:

    Aah! That’s a fantastic average.

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