Electric Mary

The concert was brilliant last night. Deep Purple were awesome as usual and played all of my favourites (Highway Star, Lazy, Space Truckin, Hush, Smoke on the Water, Black Night). I was very pleasantly surprised by the support band too. They were Melbourne band, Electric Mary. If you like it loud and heavy, check out the video below. They were very good, with a couple of awesome guitarists and a very loud lead singer!

A very pleasant, very slow and very cold run with Deb before work this morning. Our normal 8km loop at 6min/km+ pace. I ran without taping up my knee this morning as an experiment and it and the calf seem to be okay, and no sign of the PF pain I felt on my last run (two weeks ago now). I’ve actually been wondering if taping my knee has been contributing to any of my other ills.

A little bit more gardening after work, and a short home workout after tea rounded out the day.


One Response to “Electric Mary”

  1. Carla Says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! I love loud heavy music, right now I’m playing Rage against the machine over and over in my car on the way to the gym!!!

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