Five of my favourite … TV shows

Not a lot to report on the blog tonight … a quiet day at work and just a home workout after tea … so here’s the next installment in my “Five of my favourite …” series – TV shows.

This was easier than the albums, and the shows are certainly more recent than the albums I chose, although a couple of them stretch back a few years.

In no particular order;

Seinfeld is one of those shows that makes me laugh no matter how many times I’ve seen them before. I watch reruns on Foxtel all the time and I’m sure some of my DVDs are almost worn out.

Bones is my favourite “current” show – I love the characters, especially Temperance and the relationship with Booth.

I knew that I had to include “The Office” but really struggled as to whether I should include the English version or the US version. I love both, but chose the US version purely because it has run longer, and therefore developed the characters a bit more.

The Bill is a show I have watched ever since it first started with the one-off drama “Woodentop” in 1983. That’s 27 years – what am I going to do on Saturday nights, now that it has finished production?

Silent Witness is another British show that I love. The original series with Amanda Burton were wonderful, but I love the newer one’s with Emilia Fox as well.

Honourable mentions also to CSI NY (the only one of the CSI franchise I like), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Extras and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


5 Responses to “Five of my favourite … TV shows”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    Hellooooooooooooooooo- MASH?

  2. Aaron Says:

    Three I think are worth watching

    – MacGyver
    – Scrapheap Challenge
    – Black Books

  3. AndrewENZ Says:

    Seinfeld is my all time #1. I haven’t watched the English version of the office but enjoyed the American one. I haven’t watched any of the others yet.

  4. Em Says:

    That’s a toughie too, still thinking about the albums.

    This is my off the top of my head list

    Twin Peaks
    Northern Exposure
    The X-Files (I even had a cat called Scully)
    Silent Witness (I am in love with Harry)
    Spooks (I was in love with Adam until he got blown up)

    But then what about The Young Ones, The League of Gentleman, Wire in the Blood, The River Cottage shows (there’s been a few series losing track of the names), Dalziel and Pascoe, OK, this is pretty hard šŸ˜†

  5. jojo Says:

    love them all except didnt watch silent witness. family ties was also a bit of a fave for me-and friends

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