Pretty in pink …

It is good to see Cadel Evans in the leader’s pink jersey after stage 2 of the 2010 Giro D’Italia. However the loss of teammate Michael Schar with a broken collarbone after a crash will weaken his BMC team in future stages.

I went in to work early for a run with Deb this morning but she wasn’t there at our appointed start time. I waited a while, then decided to run on my own. As soon as I started I felt guilty (should I have waited longer?), so decided to add a few little extra loops in at various places along the way so she could catch-up if she was just late. Due to the “little extra bits” I ended up running 10.2 km on our usual 8km course. A solid run, completing the fairly hilly course at 5:30 min/km pace.

As I was walking into the canteen for my morning coffee later, I saw Deb and asked her what happened to her and she was puzzled, saying “Didn’t you get my message last night?”, which she promptly showed me. She sent me another test message then, which I didn’t get either. I got both messages at about 3pm this afternoon. She’s with Telstra, I’m with 3 – not sure who to blame, but I’m guessing 3.

I got out into the garden for an hour or so after work.


5 Responses to “Pretty in pink …”

  1. jojo Says:

    lol, ah well if you got hte mesg maybe you wouldnt have gone running so maybe its a good thing

  2. AndrewENZ Says:

    That’s a fetching pink top. 😉

  3. Carla Says:

    I was hoping we were going to get a picture of YOU! 🙂 That happens to me sometimes, I don’t get a text message or an email until hours later – it’s like “where was it this whole time???”

  4. Em Says:

    Blame 3!!!

    I was always missing text messages and phone calls from people, or getting them hours after they were sent, also the coverage in Queensland was generally appalling.

    I ditched them earlier this year, I had to pay out 11 months of my contract (about $350) but it was worth it to be shot of them.

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