ATBIAD or not to ATBIAD …

Yesterday and today have both been very similar days. On both days I planned to get up and go for a swim, both days were flat out at work, both days when I got home I chose to go do some work in the garden rather than run or ride and both days I’ve done a home workout after tea. The only difference today was that I did actually get up out of bed and go in for a swim, yesterday I turned off the alarm and stayed in bed. I must say today was a close call too. I really have lost my exercise mojo a bit, this week is going to be nowhere near my exercise hours/calories goal, and the month is going to be incredibly low on running and riding.

I think part of the problem is the weather, and the lack of available daylight hours, but also contributing is the fact that I don’t have any goal races or rides on my calendar.

I’ve been asked if I want to do Around The Bay In A Day or not. The 210km Melbourne-Sorrento-Melbourne option is being mooted. Frankly, I’m not sure if I’m up to 210km, I found the 145km GOOC ride a challenge. The other consideration is that ATBIAD is October 17th, only one week after Melbourne Marathon day. I was hoping to do a half marathon this year at MM. I know that with my knee and calf the way it is, a half marathon PB is out of the question, so was really just looking to run it to finish rather than racing, but still concerned a little about the training load of a half marathon followed directly by a 210km bike ride.

Thoughts? Give me some encouragement – tell me I can do it!


5 Responses to “ATBIAD or not to ATBIAD …”

  1. Carla Says:

    I think you can do anything you put your mind to! I haven’t worked out as hard this week either, but I guess it’s okay to do that once in a while!

  2. JH Says:

    I’m tempted to say do the ATBIAD only, given the problems running has given you lately.

  3. kathryn Says:

    Maybe do one of the shorter distances at the MM – 5km or 10km and then do both.

  4. morseyruns Says:

    I hope you can do it- because I am planning on doing both those! Already entered ATBIAD and will be doing MHM this year hopefully- so come on, join me! And if something happens, just doing one is still an achievement that most people would think was AMAZING!

  5. chrisfit2009 Says:

    10K + 150 ATBIAD

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