A good day …

A good day at work today, can’t really explain why, just felt like a better day than normal for some reason.

And a good day exercise wise too. I managed to drag myself out of bed and went in for a swim. It wasn’t really that busy and I managed to get over 60 of my 80 laps done before I was even joined in my lane. Then into the spa for a while, gave the calves a bit of a massage in the strong water jets, then into the steam room for a relax and a bit of a stretch. It really is a nice way to start the day!

Then got home in reasonable time and headed out for a run. 8km at just under 5:30 min/km pace. After tea a short home workout which consisted mainly of foam roller massage, stretching, vmo exercises and core exercises.

In response to some of your comments;

Em, that’s about where I was too (the 1000 honourable mentions) – hence the drastic narrowing of scope. A Clockwork Orange probably would have been on my list too, I read it at Uni and then got into all of Anthony Burgess’ other books, which are really nothing like ACO. I was a huge Sci Fi / Fantasy reader in my youth / 20s and still occassionally read some, but not so much now. BTW I’ve decided against the Kindle for now, the range of books available here is not so great is it!

Chris, what do you mean 150km ATBIAD – I can’t see that option ? There is a 100km, but that means getting transported down to Sorrento and riding back, which is too much hassle I reckon.


One Response to “A good day …”

  1. jojo Says:

    thats a LOT of exercise in 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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