The weekends disappear too quickly …

Another weekend is nearly finished … they really do disappear quickly don’t they. Wouldn’t it be nicer if we had to work for two days, then had five off?

My weight remains pretty consistent, 73.3kg at yesterdays weekly weigh-in.

A pretty standard Saturday (Vic Market in the morning, some gardening, and a 30km bike ride late in the afternoon), but a late night as I stayed up and watched the FA Cup final with Chris (who is a Chelsea supporter). The late night meant a sleep-in this morning rather than the planned early morning bike ride. We headed over to the local shopping centre to pick up a few things, then headed out into the garden again. We’ve finished our updates to the back yard, including planting some cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, carrots, garlic, peas and snow peas in our new vegetable garden beds.

Another bike ride this afternoon while a nice topside roast was cooking in the barbeque. About the same distance as yesterday (30km) but a faster, harder ride, averaging just over 28 km/hr.

I know this is a bit of a parochial statement, but a good weekend for AFL I reckon, not only did Geelong beat Brisbane impressively easily, but all the other interstate teams lost too.


2 Responses to “The weekends disappear too quickly …”

  1. katsmumblings Says:

    If we worked only two days and had 5 days off, wouldn’t we be in Greece? That’s what got them in the trouble they are in.

    Wish I had a veggie patch but I don’t have a green thumb so I guess I’ll just have to stick to buying from the green grocer.

    I haven’t ridden in ages – I keep reading about your rides and get envious, even though I’m not a fast rider like you.

  2. morseyruns Says:

    Nice job in the garden- we have capsicums, various beans and peas, loads of herbs and I am on the hunt for what to plant next. I get planting reminders from about what should be planted every month.

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